Charles Wang At NHL Offices: What Does It Mean?

Katie Strang dropped a rock in the Isles' pond last Thursday when she tweeted, " owner Charles Wang just left NHL offices although it doesn't appear he was there for labor talks."

The question that follows, of course, is this: What was he there for?

Tweets in response ranged from the hopeful (and perhaps purely emotional) -- "IS HE SELLING?" -- to the downright silly, such as speculation over Wang and commissioner Gary Bettman bonding over some reality TV. But outside of Strang's tweet, there's been very little suggesting as to the nature of Wang's trip, which isn't surprising coming from an organization like the Islanders.

Considering the atmosphere surrounding Isles country at the moment, what with Lubomir Visnovsky's grievance and the ever-present arena situation looming, it's not hard to jump to the conclusion that Wang was at the offices for team-related business. There are RFQ's to consider, dates to look over, relocations to ponder. It's clear that chances of staying in Nassau are slim to none, so is Suffolk involved? Is Brooklyn a serious player? Or perhaps elsewhere?

Or, as a few fans might be hoping... Wang could really want to sell the Isles. He's bleeding money, his dreams haven't come to fruition, so could letting go really be an option for him at this time? Of course, that would require a buyer, among other things,  and perhaps a large asking price from that buyer would he or she appear. Perhaps Wang has someone in mind, and that someone could (in our wildest dreams ever) be a locally-based option.

Also considering (from what Twitter's been saying) that Wang and Bettman are pals, who knows? It could have just been a pleasure visit... with a bit of chop talk thrown in here and there, but always followed up with a wink and a smile. Kind of like in the movies. 

Whatever the case may be, it's all speculation at this point. More on this as (if) it develops. 

(Frontpage image: Bridget Samuels/flickr)