The Story of Seven: Isles in Net


When the call comes some answer and some don't. Rick DiPietro, Dwayne Roloson, Kevin Poulin, Nathan Lawson, Mikko Koskinen, Evgeni Nabokov, and Al Montoya. Six men answered last season, but will that seventh man be the lucky one this time around? The big question for 2011-12 season will be on that seventh man, Evgeni Nabokov.
The Islanders have seen some hard times in the paint. Last season started off with the double dragons DiPietro and Roloson taking the reigns in net. With the injury prone DiPietro sidelined Kevin Poulin and Nathan Lawson of the Soundtigers earned some valuable NHL experience. But an unfortunate pregame knee injury ended Kevin Poulin's season early - prompting the pick up of yet another goalie, Mikko Koskinen.
But as most could see the Islanders approach seemed no more than a Band-Aid to gushing wound. Once Evgeni Nabokov was claimed off of waivers from Detriot - Islander fans finally felt some confidence with the presence  of a veteran goalie. Nabokov refused to play. This act added fuel to an already emotional environment for the Islanders - that they were the "sick men of the East."  
And then, like a shining light - Al Montoya came in to save the day (literately). For the remainder of the season Montoya delivered, gave his team a chance a win, and most certainly was a huge contributor to the Islander's success following the New Year. With rumors of Nabokov's possible return the future of this club seems even brighter.



Tanner Kovach's picture

Being a sharks fan, Nabokov was/is my favorite player. I really hope he either is the starter or gets traded to a better team (no offense)

Benjamin J. Rosado's picture

I am willing to put the past behind and see what happens - I think he would be a great starter for the Isles. But if anything, like Rob mentioned in his article, he could always serve as a bargaining chip.

Rob McGowan's picture

Nice first post, Ben, glad to have you on board. As of now I expect the Islanders to keep Nabokov through training camp and most likely at the start of the season. This is to be the major transition year for the team and if Nabby has a strong camp, I expect Snow to hold on to him. It's almost certain that DiPietro will be out with knee swelling or some sort of setback at some point. Therefore having a proven NHL vet to play with a young goalie in Montoya that is looking to prove that the 2nd half of last season wasn't a fluke is an exciting combination.