Pardon Me Mr. Yormark, But You Are Missing The Point

Today was a great day.  Today, NHL fans across the world finally were able to turn the page on their calendars to the most anticipated month of their year, October.  NHL fans finally see that light at the end of the tunnel as the preseason winds down and we are less than a week until regular season action.

Though October brings us great things like the birth of a new hockey season, the weather throughout New York City/Long Island area begins to become miserable, just like it was today.  But that wasn't the only thing that seemed to be miserable in our area.

Brett Yormark, the CEO of the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center, seemed very miserable today as he called into "The Michael Kay Show" which airs on ESPNNY 98.7FM as well as being simulcast on the YES Network.  Mr. Yormark called into the radio show to make a "major, exclusive announcement" about the Islanders.  Turns out, this special story was something that could have been made with one single tweet.  Oh wait.  He did that....

Is this something that you have to break into a radio show to announce?  No, of course not.  Not unless you have another agenda and on this first day of October, Mr. Yormark sure had another agenda.

Yormark went on an 8 plus minute soliloquy claiming that him and his "team" are extremely sensitive to the fans and the tradition of the New York Islanders.  He was angry, combative, obnoxious and yes he even sounded miserable.  

Yormark was upset that the die hard Islanders fan base voiced their displeasure on social media in an unpleasant manner and even dared to use vulgar language.  He came to a boiling point over the Twitter bashing when he stated that he didn't respect the Islanders fans.  Michael Kay(a guy that just gets destroyed on Twitter daily and if you don't believe me just check #ThingsBetterThanKay) interrupted Yormark's rant with, "Welcome to Twitter, Brett!", but I might have said "Welcome to #IslesTwitter Brett!"  I understand that you are the CEO of a team that had zero identity in New Jersey and you could change everything about them, but the Islanders are not the Nets and calling out the fan base is never a smart move.

Full Brett Yormark Interview On TMKS

Should the fans have gone crazy over a goal horn? Of course not.  Should the fans have gone crazy over the new 3rd jersey?  Heck no!  But, this is rabid bunch of fans that is still acclimating to the fact that there won't be hockey in the Old Barn on Hempstead Turnpike anymore and just like Don La Greca alluded to in the clip, things could be worse.  I mean the Islanders could be across the country, but instead they're 25 miles away in a state of the art arena.  The only thing Yormark needs to stop being pompous about is the fact that the travel is not easy and it is not affordable.

The idea that Mr. Yormark has worked with the MTA to make sure that the LIRR has more service for Islanders games is comical.  I take that back, maybe he has worked with them, but they completely denied any requests.  Just as an example, the latest train that folks can take from the Mineola station to get to the Barclays Center for a 7pm game time is 5:40pm.  5:40pm!  Mineola is one of the busiest stations on Long Island and in order to make puck drop, you have to be able to catch a train about an hour and a half prior to the game.  That sucks.  Not to mention that a family of 4 would have to shell out $66 just for that exemplary LIRR service for the night.  That sucks even more.

Check Your LIRR Train and Fare Here

Declaring that fans that signed a petition should open up their wallets to spend thousands of dollars on season tickets is a stupid comment from a smart man like yourself.  I am coming off of 2 years of being a season ticket holder at the Coliseum and guess what I can't afford season tickets this year.  I hope that you're not ignorant enough to think that every fan should buy tickets because they complain.  If that was the case then every game would be sold out because complaining is our specialty.  It is every fans right to complain, that's the beauty of living and breathing every step of the way for your team.

Mr. Yormark I want you to know that I respect you and I'm sure that most Islanders fans respect you.  It's tough to change and sadly there will always be some bad apples whp are poor examples of this amazingly loyal bunch of Islanders die hard fans.  You did the right thing by bringing back the old goal horn, so good job by you, but you have to admit that new one was just plain embarrassing.

 A couple of words of advice before next Friday's big home opener: Don't ever take on the fans because you'll never win, don't ever change the blue and orange colors, and dammit, NEVER mess with our goal horn!


-Chad DeCarlo

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