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This is great, welcome to the team Erol!

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Thanks for having me!!

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Great job, Erol...glad to have you on board! I got a few answers for your questions so far... my ideal time for a player to develop would be one to two years. I think all players, unless you're a first overall pick like Tavares was, need a minimum of a year or two to develop with their Junior team or the minor leagues. Josh Bailey is someone that I feel that the team definitely rushed - not so much Okposo. But Bailey could have easily benefited from another year in the OHL and should've gone to the World Junior Championships instead of staying with the Isles in his rookie year. Time to grow is always important.

My ideal trade: I would say that anyone outside of the obvious guys that are currently playing, plus de Haan, Ness, Strome, Mayfield, Cizikas, Lee, Poulin, Nelson, Nilsson and Kiskonen can be considered for any type of deal. Who would we get? That I couldn't tell you. But there are some prospects that the Isles should give some time too before deciding as to whether or not they are better off as trade bait. But using any of the players in their system that are not mentioned above could and should be considered for deals that could potentially land a top six forward or top defenseman.

My question to you, Erol, is what do you do with the Evgeni Nabokov situation? Al Montoya has been a rock when he plays, but he's been in and out of the line up a lot this year. Nabokov is older, but he is still a very good goaltender and Rick DiPietro obviously isn't going anywhere in the near future. What would you try to do realistically as the GM of the Islanders in order to get yourself down to two goaltenders?

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love the question and I will answer it this weekend!!

As for trades, I feel the Isles would be wise to deal for a Rick Nash or Jerome Ignilia. Find out what the cost is and pull the trigger, both add scoring power and would be a great winger for JT. Both are signed long term and I feel that is the only way we will be able to get a top scorer on this team.. ya gotta give to get!

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Great work on the video!

For the prospects developing, I agree with Rob 1-2 years should be the time frame to get into the NHL and probably another year or so after before we start to see some impact.

You are correct right now the islanders are stacked with prospects but not many are proven so I think because of that we would have to give up is just too much to get an impact player in their prime. Not to say I wouldn't love to see someone like a Rick Nash or Iginla or even on the back end a Suter or Weber but I just don't think it would be worth what we would have to give up at this moment.

To expand on Rob's question for the goalie situation, we currently have 3 very good goalie prospects in Nilsson, Poulin and Koskinen. Do you think the Islanders could feel comfortable moving one of them?

Also, the Islanders keep shuffling lines, what would be your ideal line combination that hasn't been tried yet?

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Great job, Erol!

I think if a forward is developing, it should be 1-2 years like Rob said. For a d-man, a little more like 2-3 years.

To be honest, I just can't see the Islanders making a blockbuster deal. Maybe it's because they haven't done it in so long. But if they were to make one, the one player I would not give up is Calvin de Haan. de Haan looked fantastic in that one game he played for the Isles in this season. A little more developing and he'll be an even better d-man.

I have a question for you, Erol. Could you see the Islanders trading Mark Streit? Streit certainly is not the player he has been in previous seasons. Whether it's from the injury he sustained last season or he just lost it, it seems as if he cannot keep the puck in the zone and has not been putting up points. Of course he's the captain, but the Islanders wouldn't be the first team to deal their captain if the trade is right. I'm definitely not saying it's the go-to move, but I think it's something the Isles should have in the back of their minds.

Keep up the good work!