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Erol, not so sure if Garth has tried trading Nabokov yet. I know there have been rumors of Tampa Bay showing interest, but nothing has ever come of that, nor have their been words from the New York Islanders end of things, that I am aware of anyway. But we will certainly see how things go once we know more about DP and Montoya comes back from the IR as the trade deadline approaches.

I don't know about moving Tavares to wing, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to see Bailey moved up again to top-six minutes with some line mates who can bury the puck. Unfortunately, secondary scoring has been hard to come by. It would be nice if Grabner got going again.

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Well there was talks in the off season when they drafted Ryan Strome that JT would/could be moved to wing and that is why I was wondering what if?

Your right scoring is terrible on other lines

As for Nabokov I believe that Garth said he wanted a 2nd rounder, I remember reading from Botta that is what the going rate was. I hope its not because condisering we got a 1st rounder for Roloson.

It wouldnt be the first time that TB wanted our goalie. Speaking of that trade Any word on Ty Wishart? How is he doing in Bridgeport?

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Stats wise it seems like he is playing decent, but nothing spectacular. Haven't heard his name mentioned too much.

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Erol, I put this question on you for your next blog. What is your take on Nino this season. He has been injured and play low line minutes. Is this just the Isles slowly letting him get use to the NHL or are they losing confidence in him already?

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Love the question John, I am getting lots of responses this week. If I have time I might do 2 blogs next week!