Isles Viewing Party A Success Despite Game Change

On Friday night, the Islanders hosted a viewing party in which fans would gather at Champions Sports Bar and Grill, a restaurant located in the Marriott next to the Nassau Coliseum, to watch a replay of the Islanders-Penguins game, or "The Brawl Game", which took place on February 11th. A game in which there were a combined 346 penalty minutes, three suspensions, and 12 goals. 

On Thursday, just one day before the viewing party, the Islanders and the NHL announced that due to controversy and complaints, MSGN will instead show a replay of the February 13th game which featured the Islanders 7-6 win over the Buffalo Sabres. Although it was a very exciting game, including a Michael Grabner hat-trick, a significant amount of fans did not attend the viewing party due to the change of games.

Still, a decent amount of fans showed up at the viewing party and the feeling was mutual between all fans that attended, which was a  great feeling. Especially to gather around fellow Islanders fans, watch a game, and talk some hockey. 

The loudest crowd pop of the night, to use my WWE terminology, came during the telecast when MSGN showed a flashback to "The Brawl Game", which was originally going to be aired that night. 

A fan at one of the tables at the restaurant had brought with him a device which he had "The Brawl Game" DVR'd on it. He and a group of Islanders fans huddled around a circular table and watched that game. 

All in all, the viewing party was a great time. Great raffles and fun prizes and an awesome time to reconnect during the offseason with some great Islanders fans and look forward in unison to the 2011-2012 season.

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Jonathan Szekeres's picture

That was good publicity for the Isles, when you consider how quiet the summer has been. Honestly, I didn't see what was wrong with showing the brawl game. It's hockey for Christs sake, if fans want to watch pretty skating with no physical contact they can go watch figure skating.

Rob McGowan's picture

Agreed. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that they had to appease the Penguins bloggers/media for being outraged at such a game. Hard to believe that if it were the Pens pummeling the Islanders that they would have been so sympathetic. The Islanders have these meet ups all the time. MSG airing this game was just another reason to have one more.