Pivnick's Picks 2/19/12

It really may not seem like it, but the Islanders are only 6 points out of a playoff spot..."Evan, what world are you living in?" This one people! Look it up! But in all seriousness, the Islanders need to get some work done before they even think about the playoffs.

Anyway, it's been an action packed week here at TCL Isles, so here is your TCL edition of "Pivnick's Picks":

Rob McGowan

- "Isles Alumni Provide A Great Evening of Hockey". Rob talks about the Islanders annual "Skate With the Greats" event that the Islanders hold where a few lucky winners get to play with some of the biggest names to ever wear an Islanders uniform.

- "The Frightening Future of the New York Islanders". Mr. McGowan discusses the recent meeting held in Nassau County about the state of the Coliseum, the hub, and the future of the Islanders.

- "Remembering Back To The Easter of 2007". This one really hit home for me personally. I turned 18 last week, I did not get to experience the "Dynasty Years" or the "Easter Epic". I remember the 2001-2002 series against the Leafs, but not to the extent that I would like to. The only great Islanders moment that I remember was the Dubie poke-check to get the Isles into the playoffs in '07. In this post by Rob looks back at that moment and talks about how great it would be if the Islanders went down to the wire again and made it into the playoffs.

John Link

- "Prospect Report 2/15/12". John Link keeps you all up to date on the New York Islanders prospects!

Mike Flannery

- "Suite-Seat Contest!!!" HEADS UP TCL ISLES READERS! Mike Flannery has your chance to sit in a suite for an upcoming Bridgeport Sound Tigers game! Check out his article for more info!

Erol Bal

"On The Couch". In this edition of On The Couch, Erol ponders if the Isles will make the playoffs and discusses the Nassau County meeting on the Hub.

John Madonia

- "Streit Stuns Kings" Check out John's postgame recap of the Islanders 2-1 OT win against the Kings back on February 11th.

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