Pivnick's Picks 3/12/12

Alas! Another edition of Pivnick's Picks. Sorry for the delay, folks. But now onto what were the big, juicy headlines from the past week here at TCL Isles.

Rob McGowan

- "Isles Should Not Fail For Nail". In Rob's most recent article, he discusses why the Islanders should not try to stoop down to last place in the NHL to get probable first overall draft pick, Nail Yakupov.

- "Questions for the Islanders As The Rebuild Pushes Forward". In this post, Rob takes a look at the Islanders attempt to rebuild over the past few years.

John Madonia

If you have been keeping up to date with TCL Isles, you might have noticed that John Madonia is going back in time and recalling some Islanders who you might have forgotten about. But don't worry, John has you updated on their whereabouts. Read his "Where are They Now" pieces on Wade Dubielewicz and Joey MacDonald.

John Link

John Link always has you covered with the latest updates on Islanders prospects. Check out his updated "Defensive Edition" of The Prospect Report.

Erol Bal

In his latest video, Erol Bal recaps the Islanders moves at the trading deadline and discusses his opinion on them on "On The Couch".

Anatoliy Metter

Check out Anatoliy's latest pre and post game blogs on his blog page!

Mike Flannery

In Mike's latest post, he gets medievil when talking about the Sound Tigers and "Ye Ol' Calder Cup".

Shane Blackburn

Shane Blackburn is our newest writer here at TCL Isles, and please welcome him by checking out his short biography and his first post game recap!

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