Tavares Named NHL's 1st Star for Month of January

22 points in 13 games? Needless to say John Tavares has had a heck of a month, thus resulting in him being named the NHL's first star for January.

Tavares, the 21 year old in his 3rd NHL season, has really shown how well he can compete in the NHL this season. Having already put up 53 points so far this year, there is still 33 games left for the Islanders to play. Meaning on the pace that JT is on, he has a chance to crack at least 90 points.

This past weekend Tavares got the chance to really show the hockey world how talented he really is at the All-Star weekend. He put on a show in the skills competition and put up two points (1G, 1A) in the All Star Game.

When John Tavares came into this league, he was an awful skater. He was behind on a ton of plays and wasn't able to set up plays. However, Tavares has always had fantastic hands. But all of his determination and discipline seems to have paid off; John works hard during the offseason and even during the season improving his skating...and improve it did!

With his hands and newly found skating skills combined, Tavares is approaching his full potential. Look at what he is doing now and think about how much more he will develop in two years! Ok...come back down to me, now.

I remember watching the 2008 World Juniors and watching, at the time #19, make unbelievable plays and shine like no other player I can recall. At that time I said to myself "This guy's gonna be a star." And then as you all know, the Islanders had an "off" season and ended up drafting Tavares and the rest is history.

Just a quick note, John Tavares' game used All Star jersey auctioned off for $10,500 tonight at the Islanders' Casino Night for charity. To whoever bought that jersey, it was probably one of the greatest investments you could have ever made. Just to be able to say "I own John Tavares' first ever NHL All Star Game jersey." is incredible.

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George Prax's picture

I think what he showed at the All Star game proved what kind of a player he is. Definitely deserves this honor. Now, if only the Isles could build a winning team around him!

John OHara's picture

Tavares looks sick on the ice when he's on his game. Hopefully he can be good for the Isles, and generate some juice for that franchise.