Fisher's Favs 4/15/13

Happy Tax Day Islander Country!! The Isles are 8-1-2 in their last 11, and are pushing hard to make the playoffs. Here are some recent Islander features:

Rob McGowan

"The Madhouse Off The Meadowbrook" Rob re-lives some past Islander playoff moments at the Coliseum and how the fans are hoping to see playoff hockey this season. Rob remenisces about how deafeningly loud the building gets, there's nothing lik it!g

Pete Paguaga

"KFC and NY Barstool May Be Contributing To The Isles Success" Pete takes a look at the team, noting why they have had success in the past month. However, is a blogger on the bandwagon helping that success? Superstitious hockey fans may think so ;)

Rob McGowan

"The Need To Hold Onto Our Veterans" Rob takes a look at some veterans and what they mean to the Islanders. How important is it to sign Evgeni Nabokov, Brad Boyes and Mark Streit? It truly is, especially for their leadership skills with all the young players on the team.

Dominik/Lighthouse Hockey

"Islanders Brooklyn Pre-season Game. Take 2" Dominik discusses the 2nd scheduled Brooklyn pre-season game. As we know the first did not happen due to the lockout. He also talks about how the fans will mourn losing the team playing at the Coli.

Mike Flannery

"Sound Tigers Offer A Diamond Mine of Entertainment" Although the Sound Tigers may not make the playoffs, Mike talks about the riches of hockey in Bridgeport.

That's all folks for this edition of Fisher's Favs. Looking forward to the remaing games and as always:

Let's Go Islanders!!

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