Fisher's Favs 5/6/13

Welcome to this edition of Fisher's Favs. I know that I am speaking for many Islander fans when I say that we are in a frustrating series, that will be nearly impossible to win if the league has anything to say about it. I try to give the refs a break, knowing that they have a difficult job. However the OT penalty on Brian Strait drawn by no other than Sidney Crosby, was one of the most blatantly blown calls that I have seen. Capellini 

"Best Actor in Black Always Wins Oscar" Jeff takes a look at how special teams are affecting the first round series, including the antics of Sidney Crosby. Will soft penalty calls be the Isles demise? 

Donovan Brooks

"Who Did The Isles Call Up At Season's End" Donovan takes a look at the Islander prospects who were called up for the playoff run, and most notibly which players were excluded.

Rob McGowan 

"Video Highlight of The Week" You Tube: I don't usually list videos, but this is worth another look, ot two, or three.... First video" Okposo vs Niskanen

Dee Karl/Hockey Buzz

"Isles Can Beat The Pens, But Not The Officials" Dee Takes a look at the atmosphere in the Coliseum for game 3, Including what it was like after the OT penalty call against Brian Strait, which cost the Isles a game the y deserved to win.

Lighthouse Hockey/Dominik 

"Islanders vs Pens, Game Post 3" Dominik has gathered some interesting bits and quotes on the Isles vs Pens serious thus far. How do the Isles get over the stinging loss of game 3 and also included are some video clips. Enjoy!

Well folks, that's it for this week. Hope to have happier, more optimisitic posts next weeks. Until then:

Let's Go Islanders!!!!

-Jane Fisher

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