Fisher's Favs 6/11/13

Welcome to this edition of Fisher's Favs. Sorry I dropped out of site/sight for a couple of weeks, but electronics and I have had a really awful relationship in the last couple of weeks. First my computer crashed and my "smartphone" died the same day, both were under six months old.

Then, a few days later I decided to wash the sheets. and when I pulled them out of the washing machine, there was my Fios and AC remotes. Yes, it was a rough week for my gadgets. Now, ready to move on. In light of my dead appliances, I decided to share a few team eulogies this week, Isles included to be fair. I hope you enjoy them.

Most of all, do not get offended, these are all written in jest:


"An Alternate Islander Eulogy" PGI's humor and sarcasm in this Isles eulogy is a thing of beauty, again no offense intended. I loved it, especially the part about JT's often lack of personality. I think he's getter better at interviews, in my opinion

Melissa Andus/Aerys Sports

"Black and Blueshirts, A 2013 Rangers Eulogy" I have not shared any prior articles from this writer, as this is the first one I have come across. I hope to read more of her blogs in the future.

BD Gallof/Puck Daddy 

"Eulogy: 2013 Pittsburgh Penguins" I have never met BD in person, only interacted with him through Social Media. I found this eulogy to be my personal favorite. 

OK, onto some other post season and playoff items, Hope you enjoyed the eulogy's in the spirit that they were meant.

Shane Blackburn

"Stanley Cup Finals Preview" Shane gives us a preview of the Stanley Cup final teams Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins, Pros and Cons

Jesse/Isles Nation 

"Exclusive Q & A With Garth Snow" Jesse reports on Garth Snow's meeting with Islander Booster Club members last night. Repotedly Garth said, " I will answer some questions, and some I'll BS you. Great read, feels like I was there. Isles fans, draw your own conclusions.

That's it for the this week folks. I hope you enjoy the finals. I know I will; there is nothing as exciting to me in any sport, as the Stanley Cup Finals.

My prediction is Bruins in 5....