Did Garth Snow do enough at the deadline?

A lot of Islanders fans are upset that Garth Snow didn’t do more for the Islanders during the Trade Deadline yesterday and I am here just to give you my opinion on the moves that were and weren’t made. Garth Snow stayed rather quiet throughout the day before moving Rolston and Mottau just at the deadline. I have seen a lot fans on twitter and message boards screaming at Garth because he didn’t do more to help the team at the deadline. I just want to look at a few possible deals that could have been made at the deadline and how they could have affected the Islanders.

One of the Islanders biggest needs is a solid young D-man. The closest one moved at the deadline was Quincey to Detroit for a 1st. Not a bad move for Detroit since their first pick will most likely be at the bottom of the round. Now if the Islanders did that it would have been an AWFUL move because despite our hopes that pick still has a very big chance to be a lottery pick and Quincey isn't worth that!

Islanders fan are soon forgetting a GM that was quick to move prospects for established players that destroyed the Islanders for several years and put us in this spot! (I don’t think I need to say his name but Mike Milbury) Did Garth make the right moves this deadline? I think yes! Moving Rolston and Mottau was definitely an addition by subtraction move that will help this team in the stretch run. Giving some of our younger guys more ice time and a chance to shine.

I just want to look at one more possible trade Garth could have made to help this team and let people really think about it. Rick Nash was the big prize of this deadline (which no one won) but looking at some of the rumored deals that got turned down by Columbus I will try to put together what I think it would have taken to get Nash in an Islanders jersey.


To Islanders:

Rick Nash


To Blue Jackets:

Grabner or Okposo



2012 1st round pick

They also wanted a d-man in the trade so that deal probably wouldn't have worked in getting Nash and it is already an insane amount to give up for a player like Nash. I think most fans would agree with me as Strome himself has the potential to be better than Nash and who knows what a possible top 10 pick can bring in.

Garth didn't make the loud flashy move at the deadline but he made the right one! There wasn't much out there to be had and despite what most people think I believe PA will be back next season and yes he will get a raise in his salary but I don't think it will break the bank for the Islanders. So moving him at the deadline wasn’t the right choice in my eyes plus he helps the Islanders stay competitive the rest of the season.

As always I thank you for reading and feel free to comment below on your opinions of the Islanders at the deadline.

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