What is Matt Martin Worth? Islanders RFA Still Remains Unsigned

The Islanders still remain without a complete roster for this upcoming season and one of the biggest names missing at this point is Matt Martin.

Martin is coming off of his rookie entry level deal and is looking to be signed long-term much like some of the other young Islanders core pieces. Drafted in the 5th round (148th Overall) in 2008, Martin has been a great late round gem for Garth Snow. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Clydeorama)

Playing in 80 games last season, Martin scored 14 points (7 goals, 7 assists) to go along with 121 penalty minutes. He also set a new NHL hits record last season with over 350 hits.

He is the high energy player that brings a ton of life to every Islanders game, but the question that now needs to be asked is, what is he worth?

While he does contribute a little on the offensive end, his numbers aren’t nearly as good as the Islanders would like but he does contribute in other areas of the game.

One way to judge how much a player is worth is to look at players similar to their style of play and judge how much they make and compare. In an interview with Rob McGowan for the Checking Line-Isles Edition earlier this summer (Which can be found here) Martin stated that he wants to become more like David Clarkson, Milan Lucic, and Brayden Schenn.

Clarkson just received an extension not long ago for 3 years, $8 million, which isn’t a bad contract for either him or the Devils. Clarkson does bring more offensively (coming off a 30 goal season) then Martin but we could see a breakout season from Martin like that this year. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Clydeorama)

Lucic brings a lot more offensively then Martin so his new extension for 3 years, $12.25 million doesn’t help much in the gauge of what Martin should receive.

Schenn is still in his entry level contract which is what Martin is just finishing so that also isn’t much help in gauging what Martin is worth.

Garth Snow knows that he needs a player like Martin on his team in order to succeed in the NHL and will work to keep him at a deal that works best for both sides. A deal in the 3-4 year range for around $2.5 million per a season range should work.

Snow could even back load the deal like he has done with some of the other recent long term deals he has signed.  This will give Martin a motivation to get trying to get better as the deal matures.

Whichever way Snow decides to go with this deal, the sooner it gets done the better as Martin is a fan favorite and needs to be a part of this team going forward.


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