The 2013-2014 Islanders Ice Girls

In 2001, the New York Islanders introduced to the fans the Ice Girls as part of the game day experience and over the past decade these girls have become very popular with the fans. They are the girls known around the NHL as “cheerleaders on skates” that are seen on the ice at Nassau Coliseum who clean around the nets for timeouts and commercial breaks. 

Does this sound like a simple job? You might think so but it’s not. Tryouts were held today for the Ice Girls team for the upcoming 2013-2014 NHL season at Iceworks in Syosset. Girls ages 18 and over were invited to tryout and a selection of the girls were determined at the tryout's conclusion. According to the Islanders website, they were looking for “the charisma, out-going personality and skating skills to be part of the Ice Girls team.” Fans will be familiar with many of the girls on this year’s team which include returnees Danielle, Christina, Victoria, Christi, and Shannon plus more. The team welcomes two new girls to the squad Anastasia and Jenna. You can checkout the highlights from the tryouts by clicking here. (Photo Credit: IslandersPunkFan/Flickr).

In addition to appearances at home games, the Ice Girls take part in many community events along with Islanders events throughout the season. (Photo Credit: New York Islanders)

-John Santamaria

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