Introduction and Some Quick Hits

Hello all! This is my first blog for TCL and I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to our reading audience. I am a 25-year old, third-year law student at Touro Law and have had an unhealthy obsession with the New York Islanders since I was 5. Growing up in Jericho (10 minutes from Nassau Coliseum) I often went to games with my family and friends, taking advantage of the $10 student-ID tickets in the pre-Loudville days. My first memory of the Islanders was Dale Hunter delivering a cheap-shot to my favorite player, “Sneaky” Pierre Turgeon in the 1993 playoffs. However, my fondest memory as an Islanders fan was being in attendance for Game 4 of the 2002 Playoff Series against Toronto and witnessing the Sean Bates penalty shot goal that still resonates with Islanders country to this very day. Aside from Turgeon, the only other player I have ever had that kind of fandom for was… the Great Mark Parrish! Yes, I was young and didn’t fully understand that Parrish was only an Islander due to one of the worst trades in NHL history, but his willingness to take a beating in front of the net and his ability to pot clutch goals made him one of my all-time favorites. I attended undergrad at SUNY Albany, where they show the Sabres on MSG+ and not the Islanders, so even though I didn’t see as many games as I had grown accustomed to living on Long Island, I didn’t miss many meaningful games in my four years there from 2006-2010. Majoring in Political Science, I took a course my Junior year on the topic of policy implementation. This course required a final paper of minimum 35-pages regarding any topic of our choosing. Being a lifelong Nassau County resident and a lifelong Islanders fan, I wrote a 43-page essay about the Lighthouse Project! I guess you could say I probably should’ve saved my printer’s ink, but I wanted to share that to underscore my “fandom” of this team. I currently reside in Westbury and attend nearly every game despite not having season tickets (feel free to come say hi if you ever see me at a game). Oh, and my dream job is to be the commissioner of the NHL one day, so watch out Gary!


-For those clamoring to call up Ryan Strome, please explain how he fixes the Isles’ defense and goaltending problems? Sure, he has all the tools to become a dynamic offensive force in this league, but haven’t we seen enough from rushing prospects for the wrong reasons? With the current lineup, and people believing he is destined for JT’s wing, maybe he gets a call-up if Vanek is out for a period of time, but except for that scenario there is little reason to call him up to replace PMB or Regin in the lineup. Let the kid be “the guy” at Bridgeport until there is actually a spot, and not an artificial way of trying to get him up here.

-I have been a proponent of firing Jack Capuano since before last season started. I imagine I will have a full write up blog on Capuano’s status at some point, but I just want to stress a couple of things right now. First, all the blown leads and awful 3rd periods are more a reflection of the culture of the team and not so much on scheme and production. I have been a proponent of getting rid of Capuano for this one reason alone. Second, if Garth does can Capuano, he cannot replace him with Doug Weight. It’s been obvious since the second he hung up his skates that Weight was being groomed to be the next head coach of the Isles. However, for a team that many outside and inside the organization believe is on the cusp of a contender, an established coach is the route to go. I don’t know if Laviolette would be an option, considering the Garth Snow was part of the team that revolted against Laviolette during the 2003 exit interviews which lead to his firing, but I’d be in favor of a reunion. And, forget about Ted Nolan, he’s a good coach but has apparently burned too many bridges in the NHL (though you do love that he wanted Al Arbour to coach his 1500th game).

-Don’t look now but Thomas Hickey has been the Islanders best defenseman this season (GASP).

-Finally, I just wanted to give one last shout out to Rob here at TCL for giving me the opportunity to blog about my obsession.

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