Poulin Suffering From Rare Disorder

Kevin Poulin (Steve Pope)In a 1992 article for The New Yorker, the gifted writer Alec Wilkenson quoted an unnamed goaltender as saying “What other job do you now of where, when you make a mistake, a red light goes on behind you and fifteen thousand people call you a jerk?”  Bridgeport Sound Tiger goalie Kevin Poulin is suffering from a rare disorder, an inordinate fear and hatred of red lights.

Poulin has now posted 3 consecutive shutouts, each a 4-0 win for Bridgeport.  He has not given up a goal in calendar year 2012, approaching 200 minutes without seeing that hated red light. His first shutout in this impressive streak came on January 2nd, a matinee game at the Webster Bank Arena attended by Garth Show and Charles Wang. 

Justin DiBenedetto (Steve Pope)

21-year-old Kevin Poulin was selected by the Islanders in the 5th round of the 2008 NHL draft.  And what an impressive draft class that was for the Islanders; Josh Bailey, Aaron Ness, Kirill Petrov, Travis Hamonic, David Ullstrom, Matt Martin and Justin DiBenedetto were all selected that year.

Goalies generally fall into one of two categories: positional or athletic.  Poulin is in the later group and it will drive a fan nuts watching him play.  He's quick to go out to challenge a shot or clear a puck from behind the net; you may well wish the cable from a garage door opener was attached to his fight strap so you can snap him back into the crease. Often out of position, he relies on his reflexes and athleticism to snatch or block the puck.

I don’t know if he will start his 10th consecutive game tonight in Providence after a long overnight bus ride from Portland. I do hope, however, that he never seeks treatment for his wonderful disorder.

-Mike Flannery

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Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I thought you were serious like he had some disease or something

Mike Flannery's picture

Sorry for the scare. He has been incredible though hasn't he? Thanks for reading my post and for following The Checking Line - Isles Edition. Have a great day!

George Prax's picture

Haha me too. Sigh of relief.

Erol Bal's picture

LMAO OMG me too.. I was like Christ sakes another FN INJURY!!!!

Rob McGowan's picture

I heard this mentioned during last night's Isles game against the Phoenix Coyotoes. That's incredibly impressive and it's great to see that he is playing better after a slow start to the year. He set a new Sound Tigers record, if I remember right, breaking DiPietro's shutout streak from when he was a Sound Tiger. I doubt it will be long before the Islanders give this kid another call up to the NHL. Nabokov needs a break sooner or later and I don't know if the coaching staff is confident enough to play Nilsson in the NHL yet, especially after how poorly he played in his first start against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Mike Flannery's picture

I would think Poulin will be up this week, not so much to give Nabby a break as to give Nilsson some needed ice-time.

Pope Steve's picture

Nine Photos. Who took them?????