All Flow Team: Long Island Edition

Flow is defined by the credited website that is as sick hair that was invented by hockey players, flow has to be the perfect length and you know its perfect when you play the best games of your life with said ‘flow.’

Now flow has been seen throughout the NHL for years and almost every player at one point has tried to get some ‘sick flow.’

The Islanders might not have finished at the top of the NHL this past season but if there is one thing the Islanders do have is some ‘sick flow.’ So I put together a starting line up for the Islanders of player with the sickest of flow, which will be called the very creative, All-Flow Team.(Photo Credit: Dougtone/Flickr)

LW-Matt Moulson- This pick is a no brainer. Not only does he have the sickest flow on the Islanders, his flow is easily top five in the league. There are very few photos of Moulson without flow, but ever since he has come to the Islanders he has only had flow. Islanders fans should start calling Moulson, Samson, because he is only as good as his hair will take him.(Photo Credit: Office New York Islanders/Flickr)

C-Josh Bailey- Now at the end of last season Bailey was playing wing and it looks like he will start the season on the wing, but for the purpose of this post he will be playing center. When Bailey was drafted he had shorter hair but since joining the team he has let his golden mane grow and its pretty solid flow.(Photo Credit: CassieMadonia/Flickr)

RW-Matt Martin- Like Bailey, Martin is out of position but it doesn’t matter because he has some major flowness. Unlike Moulson’s flow, which helps him score goals, Martin’s flow makes him a beast. His flow is what helps him break skulls and throw players through the glass. His flow is the scariest in the league, don’t be surprised if it comes on his head and punches an opposing player in the face.

D-Calvin de Haan- Right now de Haan doesn’t have any flow and because of this he hasn’t been scoring, but look at this picture from when he was playing with the Oshawa Generals. That is a serious mop on top of that head of his when he grows that bad boy back you will see a rise in production. (Photo Credit: TSN)

D-Jake Bischoff- Who is this guy? Bischoff was recently taken in the 7th round of the 2012 NHL Draft. But with hair like his there is no reason that Bischoff won’t be playing in the NHL sometime soon. Come on he looks like a teenage human version of Simba.(Photo Credit:

G-Rick DiPietro- First things first, thank God that this team is fictional because if it wasn’t the All-Flow Team would be without a goalie.  See what I did there? Anyway he needs to cut the hair. This guy is the opposite of Samson, he was healthy when he had a crew cut, but then he grows it out and all of a sudden he can’t walk without getting hurt.

And just for some more fun some notable players in the Islanders organization, if you have extra time to Google Islanders with awesome hair, who someday might find themselves on this prestigious list:

C-Casey Cizikas

RW-Sean Backman

D-Loic Leduc

D-Adam Pelech  

D-Griffin Reinhart

G-Anders Nilsson

The one thing that can be learned from this list, is if you’re a hockey player, grow out your hair because if you don’t well then you won’t be good at hockey. EVER!

-Pete Paguaga
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