Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza A Great Success


Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Woodbury hosted a dinner last night that brought in many people from all over the area for a great evening of delicious food. A four course meal was presented for thirty dollars, tax and gratuity included, that was well worth every penny - and then some. And of course, if you are an Islanders fan, you had the treat of watching the New York Rangers lose to the Washington Capitals in Game 2 of their semi-conference finals series.

The best part of each course was the fact that Blue Point Brewery accompanied the meals with a different beer each time. And let's just say they weren't shy about it. A place setting was arranged in the middle of the table, but no one ended up sitting there by the time the meals had started. That didn't stop them from delivering extra beer and extra portions of food as well.

The first course opened up with a traditional salad with tomatoes, chickpeas, lettuce, chopped olives, and boiled eggs that was also accompanied with some fresh tomato slices with a piece of fresh mozzarella on top of it. There wasn't a better way to start the night, especially with a few bottles of Blue Point to be shared at the table.

It was great sitting next to two guys who knew their stuff; both of them were brewers from Connecticut. For the rest of the night, both of them were able to give their professional take on why each beer was chosen per course. And I'll admit, their diagnosis matched that of one of the Blue Point hosts who was walking around providing the same explanations.

The second course was a plate of meatballs in marinara sauce with ricotta to go with it. By this time the puck had dropped for the Rangers/Caps game, so it was time to sit back and relax with some good food and playoff hockey. Soon after the meatballs came the Coal Oven Roasted Chicken Wings, which were some of the best wings I have ever had - and I love wings. They weren't messy, and they weren't buffalo, but it didn't matter. There was a ton of flavor in each bite.

A few drinks later came the Pork Ribs with Vinegar Peppers. We all looked at each other, a little surprised that one of the other guests at our table was psyched about such a curiously prepared type of rib. But let's just say we were licking our fingers and asking for seconds - which we got, right before the big finale.

Three large pizza pies came fresh out of the oven, all cooked well done. You had your regular pie, which was incredible, as well as an interesting cauliflower pie that wasn't bad. But for me, the "Paul & Young Ron" stole the show (just as the Caps took the lead in the hockey game). Meatballs, sausage and either hot or sweet peppers with ricotta were on top of this crispy, thin crust pie. Had I not already felt like I was on the verge of exploding, I would have had two slices of this one. But everyone else at the table was quick to get their hands on each slice - nothing went to waste.

Prior to this evening's event, I had never heard of the place. But after telling other's that I was going to this dinner, I learned that Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza has participated in multiple Islanders events and had quite a reputation among some of my friends.

Let's just say I will be spreading the word and likely returning soon.


-Rob McGowan
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