Despite Loss, Isles Have Turned Over A New Leaf

Last night’s loss to the Edmonton Oilers is not one where the Islanders could skate away believing that they played their best despite an unwanted outcome. Defensive breakdowns, a few bad goals let up by Jaroslav Halak, and an inability to capitalize on scoring chances led to their 5-2 defeat. 

But there is one major positive that can be taken away from a 5-2 loss on the road to a team that has had a horrible start to the season.

Finishing with a top-five draft pick for several years in a row doesn’t come without its hardships. For years, the Islanders were the team at the bottom of the standings looking to cause an upset over an opponent that was likely better than them, and at times they did. But more often than not, the Isles played exactly as predicted and would end up losing to a much better opponent. 

For the first time in a long time, the New York Islanders were the team that left the rink upset. 

Despite the loss, the Islanders are currently tied for first place in the Metropolitan Division with the Pittsburgh Penguins, placing them good enough for fourth place in the Eastern Conference. They are also just one point away from being tied for second place in the NHL. 

These are all wonderful things for the Islanders and their fans. But success still comes with disappointments, and last night’s loss was an upsetting one for sure.

After looking at the way this team has performed up until this point, it is safe to assume that this loss was only a hiccup in their relatively stellar play. And let’s not take any credit away from the Edmonton Oilers; they played well and continued to outwork the Islanders, leading to a few good bounces going in their favor. 

But it is nice to say for the first time in almost a decade that the Islanders are one of the highly ranked teams that lost to a struggling opponent. 

-Rob McGowan


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