Filling The Void During The NHL Lockout

For many of you, the NHL lockout has left a major void in our lives. The NHL Network plays old games here and there, but we already know the outcome. It's just not the same. We yearn for fresh ice, new plays and flashy highlights that keep our love for the game as strong as it's ever been. (Photo Credit: IslesPunkFan/Flickr)

But the NHL lockout is testing us.

Some fans can turn to football. It's an aggressive sport, like hockey, and one that is loved by the majority of Americans.

But I'm not the biggest football fan. I'll turn a game on here or there, but do I really want to replace dropping the gloves and thrilling OT wins with this?


Talk about making an ass out of yourself.

There's always basketball, but if you're like me and only hockey runs through your veins, it is a far cry from watching the coolest game on earth. I mean, you can really just watch the Top 10 highlights on Sports Center everyday and see the same slam dunk you saw the night before over and over again.

I'm not trying to show a lack of respect for either of these sports. You absolutely have to be skilled and talented to do all that is required of these athletes in order to have made it where they are today.

My point is that if hockey is the one sport that always stood out above the rest for you, nothing else will come close.

The only benefit the lockout has had for me is that I have been able to pay more attention to my studies as I finish up my Master's Degree. But I always managed to do well and enjoy the game three to four nights a week.

The lockout has made it increasingly difficult for me to even read a hockey story. Each one blends in with the last of, "they are going to talk soon" to "discussions were disappointing" or "they are still very far apart." It's either that or reading about another star complaining about the lockout or leaving North America to play in Europe.

Therefore, it has made it that much harder for me to write. And writing has been one of my

This is the second time in seven years that I have been forced to miss out on the one thing that encompasses everything that makes up who I am. Who we are, as fans.

After reading that games have been canceled through the middle of December, as well as losing the All Star game, it appears the cancelation of the entire season is an impending fate.

Let's hope I'm wrong. Because this void is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

-Rob McGowan 

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Andrew Schopp's picture

My appeal to fans throughout the lockout has been to embrace your local American Hockey League club. I don't know what AHL games are like in the states, but in Toronto, a Marlies ticket is less than a quarter the price of a Maple Leafs ticket, the arena is small and intimate - you have a great seat no matter where your sitting - and the on-ice product is solid. It's a great hockey experience, it's not quite "the show" in terms of talent but it's still hockey. I have been to a couple Marlies games this year and it is quenching my hockey thirst quite well. The problem is the AHL lacks television coverage.