Former Isles GM Mike Milbury Accused Of Assault

Mike Milbury (Beauty Playin 'Eh/Flickr)Mike Milbury is a name that has stained the heart of almost every Islanders fan; he drafted well, but traded away almost everyone that had potential, allowing those on the Island to watch their young draft picks develop into stars on other teams around the league.

Such names include Todd Bertuzzi, Darius Kasparitis, Roberto Luongo and Zigmund Palffy. Most of his trades were questionable at best, the contracts he offered were often mind boggling, and he is heralded by Isles fans as possibly the worst General Manager in NHL history.

But despite that hefty resume of accusations, Mike Milbury currently has an even bigger one on his hands.

According to TSN, Milbury has been accused of assault and battery on a twelve-year old involving an altercation during a pee-wee hockey game. Serving as an assistant coach for one of the teams, Milbury was breaking up an altercation between his son and an opposing player in Brookline, MA. 

The article states in a quote made by Milbury's lawyer that "no one was struck, no one was hurt, and no one was threatened." However, police are saying that Milbury will be charged with "1 count of Assault and Battery on a Child, 1 count of Threats to Commit a Crime, and Disorderly Conduct."

Milbury is someone that has a reputation for losing his temper during the game of hockey. He is famous for climbing the stands in Madison Square Garden, when playing as a defenseman for the Boston Bruins, and beating a fan with his shoe. He has also been seen throwing equipment on the ice during Islanders games when serving as the head coach of the team as well. Such incidents, as well as his decisions as General Manager of the New York Islanders, have earned him the nickname of "Mad Mike."

YouTube video courtesy of user Jefflered:

Milbury is currently a hockey analyst for NBC Sports and CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. He will eventually be summoned to Brookline District Court.
-Rob McGowan


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evilbobsaget's picture

I heard this time Milbury used his own shoe to slap the kid. Laughing out loud

Sounds to me like he broke up a fight and chastised a child (like any other sane adult would do) and that kids parents pulled a "How dare you? My son Killer is an angel!" kind of deal.

Rob McGowan's picture

That could be the case. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.