Islanders Fans Urged To Rally at Tomorrow's Hearing

The New York Islanders are urging fans to rally at the Nassau County at 8:30 AM at the Nassau County Legislative Building as the hearing will be conducted to decide whether or not Nassau County residents will have the chance to vote for a new arena.

The Nassau County Legislative hearing will be in regards to the $400 million arena proposal that has been submitted by Ed Mangano. The hearing will contain discussion of a vote that will be submitted by the 19 Nassau County Legislators who will decide if their will be a public referendum on August 1st.

It's not only the New York Islanders who are pushing for fans to rally at the hearing, but local business owners and labor leaders who are looking at this as a great opportunity to create jobs, boost the economy and keep Long Island's only professional sports team where they belong.

There are many stories that fans and readers will encounter along the way, including many arguments from both sides. I, for one, have spoken to plenty of people about the possibility of a new arena. There are plenty who are for it, including several Rangers fans who would hate to see their biggest rival leave the Island. And then there are others who are not sports fans and worry about paying more taxes, stating that they have heard that the Islanders 'aren't that good anyway.'

But local businessman and labor unions do not see it that way, regardless of the Islanders rebuilding process. Many met today for a press-conference at the Nassau Coliseum press-box calling for tomorrow's rally.

Per the Islanders official web-site:

Several labor organizations were well represented at the event, reiterating the economic importance of the new arena.

“If this referendum passes, it will be a great shot in the arm for our local economy,” said Peter Zarcone, the representative from the Nassau/Suffolk Building Trades Council and Labors Union Local 66. “I say the local economy because too many times our projects have gone out to out-of-state contractors and out-of-state workers. And that takes good jobs from Long Islanders. That does nothing for our local economy.”

Zarcone left with one sentiment, “Build better. Build safer. Build union. So now, let’s build the Nassau Coliseum and keep our New York Islanders home on Long Island where they belong.”

Many outsiders may not realize that it is impossible to ignore the four Stanley Cups that the Islanders won in the 80's, making them one of the last true Dynasty teams in the National Hockey League. For the first time in decades, this team is on its way to restoring themselves to contending competition. It may sound silly, and something that gets sarcastically laughed at most home games...but I've seen many marriage proposals at the Coliseum to know that there are several people who will look back at this team and remember that they started a family while sitting in their favorite seats. I have been contacted and followed by Islanders fans from across the world. This team on this little Island means a lot more to people than most may realize.

One of the best stories that I have read so far comes from Chris Botta at Islanders Point Blank and can be found here:

It's stories like these that capture exactly what the New York Islanders mean to the people who live here.

Tomorrow is a big day for the New York Islanders. If the hearing passes in favor of the public referendum, then it comes down to the fans.

Make your voice heard, Long Island.

-Rob McGowan

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You won’t be able to miss the crowd in front of the Teddy Roosevelt statue at 1550 Franklin Ave, Mineola (corner of Old Country Road.)

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I'm surprised this isn't being filmed for a future reality series Tongue