The Lockout Continues As More Games Are Cancelled

More NHL games have been canceled through November 1st, just days after the owners submitted their latest proposal to the NHLPA that included a supposed 50-50 split in revenue sharing. The players came back with three proposals of their own, which according to reports were shot down within minutes.

Per TSN, Gary Bettman replied that "none of the three variations of player share that they [the NHLPA] gave us even began to approach (a) 50-50 (revenue split), either at all or for some long period of time. It's clear we're not speaking the same language."

As a result, more games have been canceled. Per the Isles official press release:

"UNIONDALE, NY (October 19, 2012) – The National Hockey League announced today the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular-season schedule through Nov. 1.

The league had previously canceled all games scheduled through Oct. 24. The most recent cancellation affects three Islanders games, including two home games. This most recent cancellation brings the total number of canceled Islanders games to nine.

The cancellation was necessary because of the absence of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL."

The November 1st date is key as it appears the league is still hopeful of a resolution that would allow for a full 82-game season starting on November 2nd.

It is still being reported that both sides hold optimism of a full season occurring this year, but the owners expect a resolution to come to fruition within the week. The players seem to feel that they are more likely to come to a solution during the month of November.

The only reason for optimism from a bystanders point of view is that a 50-50 proposal is still the closest one submitted that could lead to both sides gaining some common ground in these labor talks. However, it does feel hard to believe that both sides will reach some sort of an agreement within the week.

But if both sides do not sit down and work on an agreement and decide on a new collective bargaining agreement together in the near future, the reality that the entire season can be lost will grow greater and greater as a possibility.

-Rob McGowan


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