Question for Islanders General manager Garth Snow?

New York, NY - So Garth Snow you are going to start trading away all of your valuable chips, like James Wisniewski for compensatory second-round Draft Picks-Really? Cause I don’t know if you noticed, but you have had a pretty good product on the ice lately.

All things considering your team have been building up some positive momentum. You won your last three games, including two huge victories over the Tampa Bay Lighting and the Montreal Canadiens. The only time your team really had a bad game was this past Monday night in the 7-2 drubbing that was handed out by the New York Rangers.

That’s right your team beat two teams that are second place in their division, Montreal is currently in second place in the Northeast division; while Tampa sits in the same position in the Southeast. Your team beat both of them-not flukes-not a string of luck-but beat, earned, worked for and got the results they wanted.

But your team had heart, played with pride and even had some swagger to it. It was a team I believe that people were starting to buy into and even started to care about again. And now you start to trade people like Wisniewski, who was a core part of that for Draft picks.

I know a lot of people will say that you are building for the future and for next year, but according to my calendar it is still December. The team that you are the general manager for just built up some positive momentum these past three weeks and this is how you repay them.

I realize the team has struggled for most of the season, but I feel as if maybe the team was starting to build something special. Maybe this one sports blogger maybe an eternal optimist here, but I feel like you gave up Wisniewski too soon. Or maybe you liked the idea of trading Wis away-ok well maybe trade him for a player that will help the team continue the success they are having. You know to reward your team for the recent positive momentum that they were able to build.

There have been rumors that the next name on that list of valuable chips that maybe leaving the Island soon is keeper Dwayne Roloson. Not going to lie my heart, along with probably a few others drops with the idea of trading Rolo away. I know the team has Rick DiPietro and Nathan Lawson. But I feel as if both keepers can learn from a vet like Roloson and he will be a key part to their development in the cage.

However I am not the general manager, nor do I want to be one. But as someone who does enjoy watching your team, and is starting to care for the guys who are on the ice- I just can’t help to wonder…Really?



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Let's be realistic here Stacy, there's no way the Isles are making the playoffs so why wait to start shipping away some pieces? I think a 50th overall 2nd rounder is a steal for Wisniewski but then again who knows if he would have fetched the Isles that during the trade deadline? Maybe it's better to try and guarantee the Isles a lottery pick now and maybe Garth trades it for something tangible at the draft.

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George- I did put up a warning on my twitter page and my facebook page, that I knew that the trade for Wis was for the future. And I realize and do not envy the position that the GM.

Can I play devil's advocate here for a second- you don't think that Snow could have waited and see where his team was around then before making the trade. Again in just wondering-you don't think that Snow could have gotten someone else for Wis.

That and what type of message does this send to the guys. Hey you've been playing great lately, but I'm going to trade away one of the guys that helped with that to secure our future. Like I said George I just feel, and I think a lot of other people may feel this way-that maybe just maybe Snow could have been a bit more patient.

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I don't think I can disagree with that, Wis probably could have gotten the Isles a little more closer to the deadline, but who knows what Garth was thinking? Is there maybe someone in the minors he wanted to bring up? Or possible Streit is further along in his rehab than once thought? There are lots of potential reasons and I understand it's discouraging. Game to game, I'm sure the fans want this team to win, but in terms of the bigger picture, is that really something that will benefit this club this year?

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This whole discussion is what makes sports so great. Is the fact that we as fans/sports bloggers can express our opinion. That is the thing with trades is that you always wonder what if? Unless if your team can get a Steven Stamkos or a Logan Couture, on your team to score these thoughts away.

Agreed with almost everything you don't know what Snow is thinking. I know that there are things behind the scenes that we will never know about or hear of, that is until Yahoo or someone else decides to put them on the rumor mills.

Its not that it is discouraging- I just couldn't help to wonder why now. The Isles started to build some good team chemistry lately and now Snow trades away one of those pieces. I know that someone can come up from the NHL and make an impact, I know that things are in place that I may not know about. It just would have been nice (and as I stated earlier this is the great thing about sports) to have seen this team with a bit more time together before a trade like this was made.

In the end-it was made-nothing really I can do except sit and watch and see what happens next, and hope that the kids that Snow are bringing in will continue to impress much the way they have for the team this season.