Dropping The Puck (An Informal Introduction)

When the puck drops in October ushering on another Islanders season, we all sit in anticipation of what may be. This hope makes us realize why we love this team all over again, every single year. For a fan base starving for winning on a consistent and familiar basis, the beginning of the season leaves us hopeful, sometimes without much reason. There have been years walking through the doors of the Old Barn realistically knowing that we were about to witness the tapping of a keg full of losing hockey. Call us delusional if you want but I prefer passionate.

In the mass of orange and blue, I reside. It has been that way since I was a young boy. I never really stood a chance really, simply because they were my first love. You'd think with first memories of a horrendous team through the mid to late nineties I would have turned and run far, far away. But I didn't. I stood by this team, just as I do now because I love them unconditionally although it hurts a lot of the time. I don't know exactly where I was hooked forever but I know I am. Maybe it was the slick hands and awesome hair of Ziggy Palffy. Or perhaps it was the hard hitting, hard nosed style of Darius Kasparaitis? Could it be the legitimate tears that filled my eyes as Michael Peca disappeared into the locker room in 2002 after that cheap shot from Darcy Tucker? It might have been the literal seismic wave that eclipsed all of Nassau County after Shawn Bates buried that penalty shot against Curtis Joseph. All of these moments and more, knit themselves into a thread that binds all of us together.

Here is hoping that the Islanders have turned the corner in this rebuild. The young talent is there and a dormant fan base is ready to be awakened from a deep slumber. You had to be inspired and filled with hope to watch an 8th seed Kings team raise the Cup. I could not help but wonder what exactly would I do after the dust had settled from an Islanders Stanley Cup victory in my life time. My answer could not be put into words just a sigh as to say "Maybe one day..." Until then, we have the opportunity to watch this young team grow before our eyes. Let's enjoy hopefully a full career of John Tavares in an Islanders jersey. He is a special player that we have not had since  the days Mike Bossy sharpened his skates.

Oh yeah, I got so lost in talking that I almost forgot to introduce myself in a formal manner. My name is Steve and I am going to be on this wonderful staff for the 2012-2013 campaign sharing my ideas, thoughts and analysis on the New York Islanders. I would like to take the time to thank everyone on this site for being so helpful in helping me get started blogging. I have always had an interest in sports, of all kinds. Needless to say, this opportunity is exciting and something I will have a lot of fun with.

If you visit this site, chances are we are one in the same. We all want to witness winning hockey on Long Island in the worst of ways. I want you all to know that when you read this that first and foremost, I am a fan of this team. But as a blogger of this great site, I see it as my responsibility to convey the truth about the future and present state of the team. I look forward to interacting with all of you throughout the remainder of this offseason and throughout the season. Sound the fog horn....until next time.

-Steve Giangaspro

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