Should Joshua Ho-Sang be on the 2014-15 Isles?

The Case for Joshua Ho-Sang to play for the 2014-15 Islanders

(Unlikely to happen but hear why it should have been reconsidered.)

The New York Islanders were able to pull arguably the biggest steal in the 2014 NHL Draft. They took Joshua Ho-Sang with the 28th overall pick. His talent is heralded and lauded unanimously throughout the ranks of hockey scouts but the jury is still out on ‘character’ issues.(Credit: Flickr/5of7)

Most teams decided that the inevitable headache waiting with his brash nature far outweighed his skill level.

For the Islanders, this was the perfect pick. A damaged draft stock with a player that felt beyond offended that he was passed up on created an immediate bond between a rejected franchise and rejected prospect.  

This perceived disrespect from other teams will create a love for the Islanders logo on his jersey. Reason being, they were the only ones that gave him a chance.

Josh Ho-Sang - Windsor SpitfiresHo-Sang has already spoken fondly about his new team. He continues to be steadfast on proving that 27 other teams have made a dire mistake for not taking the Ontario native.  

He was  quoted in the Toronto Sun after being drafted by the Isles stating “In three years, I’ll be the best player in this draft. And I have no doubt about that. I know myself. I know the other players. I believe in my ability. There are guys ranked ahead of me who are nowhere near me.” (Photo Credit: OHL Images/Terry Wilson)

Is it confidence or cockiness?

Is there a way to be one without the other? It is such a fine line and it is subjective to the audience to decide.

There is something refreshing about the confidence that he has exuded from the jump.

One of his favorite players is Patrick Kane. Much like Kane, he is not afraid to say what is on his mind. There has to be hope that Ho-Sang can contribute on the NHL level like Kane has.

The Isles have a well-documented history of being unable to retain or attract any top tier talent to sign on Long Island.  It has become increasingly obvious that the Isles will need to continue the rebuilding process with homegrown talent. The Vanek debacle was the latest in this storyline but that is in the past.

After several down years, the Isles have compiled an impressive stock of young talent but are unable to speed up the process through free agency.  As a franchise, the Isles immediately built that bridge and perhaps a long term relationship with 18 year Joshua Ho-Sang by taking a chance on him.

This is eerily similar to the situation fans saw as Tyler Seguin became eligible for the NHL Draft in 2010. The Boston Bruins ignored some trepidations and took him second overall. After some time in the NHL, he was said to be soft, cocky and perhaps immature.  He was also said to not fit the Bruins system nor their plans for the future.

His time in Dallas, after being ruled expendable by the Bruins, has proved the cynics wrong. He is a productive member of the Dallas Stars at this point and is continuously getting better. He helped the Stars get back to the playoffs and is considered a leader on his new team.

Yes, Joshua Ho-Sang is 5’11 and 175 lbs. Yes, he looks smaller than the others on the ice but doesn’t that theme sound familiar? They say he needs seasoning, weight gain and is too young to be playing just yet in the NHL.

Why is this misconception just accepted without looking at other similar situations?