Will John Tavares ever get 'Crosby' treatment?


As we approach the deadline for an agreement to be reached between the two sides responsible for this potential lock out, all hockey fans can do is hold their breath.
While waiting, fans can pass the time with banter and hypotheticals about a season that may not even happen. However, it is the job of fans and media to field these 'what ifs' in a haze of doubt surrounding the season.(Photo Credit: Flickr/Official New York Islanders)
That leaves us with what the discussion is for today. Will John Tavares ever get the 'Sidney Crosby' treatment by NHL referees?
In case you have been living under a rock as an NHL fan, here is what the Crosby treatment is...
While Penguins fans pretend to be unaware of the way that referees of the NHL tend to protect their star player, it does indeed happen. It's not just Crosby, it is all stars on every team. Ovechkin got these calls in his favor when he was at the top of his game. It is not favoritism, it is just the eyes being on them at all times.
Hits, cheap shots and penalties drawn by these star players tend to stir up controversy and ire from each fan base. The 'Crosby' treatment has been an ongoing theory for every team in the league and by just watching games, it is easy to realize there is something to having a star on the ice.
The NHL tends to want to protect its stars but playing favorites is not directly on their agenda despite what may be said by angry hockey fans at times.
As said earlier about eyes being on these players most of the time during the game, they happen to draw penalties that others do not. It is just the facts.
That brings the converstation back to John Tavares. Will he ever get this treatment and get the Islanders' calls that have been going against them for so long?
The question can be simplified into an easier one to answer:
Will John Tavares be a superstar in this league?
The answer is quite clear. He already is and will continue to grow as he improves. If there is a hockey season to be played, the Islanders finally have a player that draws the attention of referees in their favor. Eyes will on the skilled John Tavares thus drawing more penalties in New York's favor. (Photo Credit: Flickr/Official New York Islanders)
In the 'new' NHL, it has become more of a star league in recent years. Not just because they draw penalties but because the game is centered around skill players that are just far and above better than the rest.
If the top of the NHL is analyzed, each of the teams that contend for the Stanley Cup every year have premiere players. It is rare and almost non existent to see a scrappy, no name team contend consistently on a yearly basis. It happens once in a while but not consistently.
As a hockey team, they don't want a flash in the pan but a legitimate, annual contender. Acquiring a top tier player accomplishes this.
John Tavares will continue to get better with each year under his belt. He will help the Islanders by scoring goals but also putting other teams on the penalty kill. In order to keep him off the scoresheet, defenders will be forced to commit penalties of frustration and desperation. (Photo Credit: Flickr/clydeorama)
It will be nice for the Islanders to have an elite player. That's for sure.